Here are some surprising facts: Worldwide Brands has been in business since 1999 and has an A+ BBB rating. Their directory has only vetted dropshippers and wholesalers. How do they do this? They have three full-time researchers who seek out new dropshippers at trade shows and industry events. They confirm that these dropshippers are factory-authorized by following up with the manufacturer as part of the vetting process. Also, they don’t charge a fee for dropshippers to be included in the directory – that means middlemen cannot buy their way into the directory. They also check up on current members in the wholesale directory and vigorously investigate any complaints. Any dropshipper that fails to live-up to the standards (no membership fee, products as advertised, quick delivery) is swiftly removed from the directory.

Members can also rate the wholesalers and dropshippers, and if necessary, lodge a complaint. That way the Worldwide Brands researchers as well as current members can know instantly what, if any, pending problems are. You cannot find this information easily trough online searching.

Each dropshipper in the directory is asked about their capabilities and willingness to work with eBay sellers, Amazon sellers, or independent sellers. Their policies and minimum orders (if any) are mapped out and documented in the directory. In addition, the direct contact information (private phone numbers, emails) are available in the directory so the vetted contact person(s) is the person whom you deal with.

All this leg work takes time, effort and dedication to make the directory as clean and up-to-date. Worldwide Brands prides themselves in this clean list of real, verified and genuine dropshippers. Google and Bing are filled with middlemen who will charge a fee to merely pass on information to the real dropshippers. Unfortunately, it’s lucrative to pose as an intermediary between a storefront and the real dropshipper, so often these people will be found in search results first. The Worldwide brands directory guarantees that you deal with only the real, factory authorized dropshippers and wholesalers.

The other big plus of the directory of dropshippers at your feet is you can get ideas for new, niche and untapped ideas and products. Maybe something will catch your eye that you never thought of (and others haven’t either).

Worldwide Brands has a 60-day money back guarantee. This is offered because they are so confident in their directory that they can comfortably offer this. This directory saves you searching time, saves you money (from middlemen), offers your new ideas and sales paths, and gives you peace of mind with their 60-day money-back guarantee.

Worldwide Brands Directory of Dropshippers

Real Dropshippers in North America with no middlemen. 60-day money back guarantee.
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* The membership is regular $299, but is sometimes on discount for $269 – $30 off – at this coupon site.