There are no discounts offered on this site (see here instead) as is here to help Canadians understand how they can use Worldwide Brands to open an online store in Canada and start dropshipping.

Worldwide Brands has SALES from time to time. For example, usually on major US holidays they have very limited time sales. Some of those major holiday sales include New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and so forth.

HOWEVER, this coupon site tracks special coupons for Worldwide Brands. You can sometimes find a discount of $30 USD off the lifetime membership (taking it to $269 USD), and very occasionally you can find a $50 USD discount. Check there from time to time for a membership discount.

You probably don’t need to pay the full $299 if you can find a good coupon or purchase the membership near a major US holiday. Here are some example promotions below:

4th of July Sale – $50 Off

Memorial Day Sale – $50 Off

Worldwide Brands Directory of Dropshippers

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