There are many scams on the Internet, so it’s wise to be cautious. Here are the facts about Worldwide Brands: They have been in business since 1999, and have been a A+ BBB-Accredited Member since 2003. They’ve only had one complaint in that time from a suspicious person likely trying to get the Directory information for free (this individual reportedly contacted over 500 suppliers and then requested a refund. You can read about it here).

Worldwide Brands is not a scam. They have been an A+ BBB Member since 2003

Worldwide Brands’s business is providing a clean, quality Directory of factory-authorized dropshippers and wholesalers mainly located in the US and Canada. This Directory consists of vetted dropshippers who are guaranteed to be authorized by the factory (if they are not the factories themselves) to drop ship or distribute their products. The members in the Directory are sought out by the researchers at Worldwide Brands at trade shows and industry events. Members cannot buy their way into the directory as there is no membership fee to be included. Also, regular checks are performed on members to ensure that they live up to their abilities and promises (i.e. to not charge a membership fee, to deliver in a timely manner, and to be factory-authorized).

The Directory also has a reporting feature where users can give feedback on members, and report any problems that may arise so others can know about these problems too. The pride of Worldwide Brands is keeping this directory clean with only vetted dropshippers and wholesalers. They have dedicated researchers who follow up on members to make sure contact information, policies and product descriptions are accurate.

In sum, Worldwide Brands is not a scam – it is a serious company dedicated to the highest quality Directory of real dropshippers and wholesalers in North America.

Worldwide Brands is not a Scam. Only Real Dropshippers.

Take a full 60 days to see for yourself. Real Dropshippers in North America with no middlemen, guaranteed.
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