Dropshipping – A Quick Background

Dropshipping is a fulfillment business model where the retailer (that’s you) doesn’t actually own the inventory you are selling. Instead, you are acting as an intermediary that is selling the products on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, or your own website. When you receive an order (usually automatically), you pass that order to the dropshipping company for them to take, pack and fulfill (ship) the order. Your profit is the difference between what you charge your customers on your website and what the drop shipping company charges you.

eBay financial release

Gross Merchandise Volume of $20.5 billion – Twenty billion US dollars of transactions passed through eBay in just three months. This is an amazing amount of online sales from people of all walks of life, and a large number of sellers take smart advantage of dropshipping.

eBay sample seller

4865+ sold – Professional eBay sellers don’t carry inventory. They have someone else package and ship the products to the buyers. These online entrepreneurs just manage the listings. This is the same with online stores (e.g. Shopify), or selling in local magazine ads.

Did you Know Interest in Dropshipping is Strong?

Dropshipping trends from Google

Dropshipping is a Smart, Low-Stress Business Model

Interest in dropshipping is strong and growing. Worldwide Brands is the leader in dropshipper sourcing.
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The Worldwide Brands Directory – North-American Dropshippers All in one Place

  • Established in 1999
  • Represents thousands of vetted and genuine wholesalers
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See for yourself all the dropshippers and wholesalers. Search the whole directory.

Worldwide Brands has Dropshippers in Canada (and Ship to Canada)

Worldwide Brands lists many dropshippers located in Canada, or who happily deliver to Canada. Either way, in the Directory each supplier lists their shipping and location making it easy to locate the best dropshippers for your needs.

Using the Worldwide Brands Dropshipping Directory to Find Dropshippers in/to Canada

In the Worldwide Brands Dropshipper Directory, you can select just dropshippers (1), and those dropshippers located in Canada (2). Of course you can select Any Supplier Location and find dropshippers in both Canada and the US. The results will include the location of the dropshipper (3), where they ship to (4), and what online stores or site they will work with to achieve some level of automation for you (5). Finally, you can see Full Details on a given dropshipper to get they exact address, product selection, policies, and direct contact information (6) so you can go to them directly.

Timothy Ferriss of the Extremely Popular 4-Hour Workweek Endorses Worldwide Brands

In chapter 9: Income Autopilot in the section “Tips and Tricks”, Timothy talks about great sources of products to resell, noting Worldwide Brands prominently as a dropshipping source. He states,

Worldwide Brands offers an extensive how-to guide for finding manufacturers willing to dropship product to your customers, which allows you to avoid pre-purchasing inventory. This is where Amazon and eBay power users find not just drop shippers, but also wholesalers and liquidators. – Timothy Ferriss

WorldWide Brands endorsed by Timothy Ferriss for 4-Hour Work Week

Worldwide Brands Verified Directory of Dropshippers

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You’re a New Member. What to Dropship? Google Trends is Your Friend

You want to sell a niche product, or a great product before it gets too popular. Some products historically sell very well (e.g. aroma oils, candles, lotions, health products, medicinal herbal teas) and others have a lot of competition (e.g. video games, cameras). The beautiful thing about dropshipping is that you don’t carry inventory so your risk is very low. This can make it fun to dropship. You can flex your creative skills and advertise/sell in many ways, and become a leader in your area. The possibilities are truly endless. But, what do you sell? Start with Google Trends. See this case study below.

Google Trends for matcha tea

CASE STUDY: Successful Matcha Tea Online Shop (www.hellomatchatea.com)

Worldwide Brands case study with Hello Matcha using a tea dropshipper in the directory

Getting Started

  • Determine what to sell
  • Source a supplier
  • Order samples
  • Determine pricing
  • Create the brand
  • Set up the online store
  • Take product photos
  • Create blog content
  • Set up social accounts
  • Launch
  • Test multiple marketing channels
  • Drive targeted traffic
  • Make sales

Source a Supplier: Finding a High Quality Dropshipper

When setting out to find a dropshipper, we were looking to find a supplier who could offer their services at a low cost, who was able to give us private label rights, and someone who was reliable with low shipping rates.

The first place we started looking was locally. By simply doing a Google search for various terms like “dropshipping tea toronto”, “wholesale tea supplier toronto” and “wholesale tea toronto” – we came across a few results:

Worldwide Brands dropshipping directory search results

Poor Results – Searching for a Dropshipper Using Just Google

We emailed some of the first results to see if they’d be interested in working with us — unfortunately, we hit a bit of a roadblock.

The local suppliers were aiming more towards working with a reseller who’d stock their teas at a tea shop, or cafe. That’s not what we wanted.

On the 10th or so page of Google, we started to get a bit discouraged… (full article)

You Can't Just Google Dropshippers

There are too many middlemen and intermediaries. Worldwide Brands has thousands of safe, 100% verified and real dropshippers in the US and Canada. Real dropshippers means real profit and real relationships with which you can build on.
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Success – Searching for a Dropshipper Using Worldwide Brands

Instant success! A supplier who both drop ships and allows for private labeling was found. Open the Dropshippers Directory, search for “matcha tea”, and below is one of the results. The contact phone number, address, person to talk with, address, terms, products and company information is all laid out. This company has been vetted by Worldwide Brands, and is a 100% verified dropshipper.

Millions of Products

There are product niches offered by Worldwide Brands Wholesalers and Dropshippers that big retail chains don’t sell simply because they don’t have the shelf space. These make for great niche markets for new online sellers to break into.

100% Verified Dropshippers

Suppliers do not pay money to be listed in the Directory. WorldwideBrands gets to know every dropshipper to make 100% sure they are legitimate. There are no middlemen, only factory-authorized distributors, guaranteed.

No Middlemen

Only factory-direct, authorized suppliers are in in the Directory. Only those at the TOP of the supply chain are in the Dropshipping Directory. This maximizes your profit.