This is NOT a complaint, but a QUESTION that was posted at the end of 2007 on a complaint website titled “Ripoff Report”. The section was called “Complaint Review: Worldwide Brands”. Again, this is a question (not an actual Worldwide Brands ripoff) that was asked about what Worldwide Brands does. Here is the summary of that thread.

I need some more info about a company that advertises that it has multiple wholesalers that it works with to supply merchants with dropshipping needs. Has anyone ever signed up to work with [Worldwide Brands] or know anyone else that uses this company as their go between?

There is a one time membership fee … it does not enable you to get a glimpse of what companies it works with specifically or tells you much about what you actually get when you purchase the membership. Any insight?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 27, 2007

Here are the responses to the question above asking for insight into Worldwide Brands on the Ripoff Report website. It turns out, many people understand the Directory and are satisfied customers. Feel free to read the responses below.

“Yes this is a good, high quality product that is not a scam.”

Yes this is a good, high quality product that is not a scam. The owner even states in the product that it is not a get quick scheme. If you work at it like anything else in life, you may or may not see results. They give you all of the tools to succeed at it. There are really good tools which have helped me in locating good products to sell. By selecting the search tool you will find out if its even worth selling. Therefore saving you many dollars on trying to sell bad products that don’t have any chance online. This tool in itself is worth the membership.

November 20, 2013

“You do not buy items directly from Worldwide Brands”

I have been a member of World Wide Brands for several years and they do NOT sell you items for resale. They are a service that tell you about sources of companies that DO dropship items and Worldwide Brands is NOT a warehouse from which you have items drop shipped from. I do not see how anyone can be so confused about this!

To put it in a better way for you to understand, Worldwide Brands act somewhat as a yellow page for regular wholesale drop shipping companies. Worldwide Brands does not drop ship.

As for the sources they supply, there are thousands and some are good and some are not so good. But if you will pay attention to what they are trying to tell you and get yourself a sellers or Federal Tax ID you can really hit a good goal of any serious business.

I say this only from experience. This information was posted in an effort to help anyone understand what they are. … It should be remembered that Rip Off Report dot com allows just about any remark against companies without even verifying anything because Rip Of Report is stupid enough to think big companies are dumb enough to pay $2,000.00 to have a bad or false comments removed.

The bottom line is that Worldwide Brands is OK as a drop ship source connection and they DO NOT ship items from warehouses.

Soar Flight
January 25, 2013

“It’s a little expensive, but it’s worth the money.”

I am a customer and I’ll give you a straight forward answer. It’s a good resource. I signed up for it in 2005. The membership is lifetime not per year, you can’t beat that anywhere. They are always updating their databases so it’s a good fallback. Worldwide Brands is NOT the wholesaler or dropshipper. The site is basically a huge list of everyone (wholesalers/dropshippers) who sell pretty much anything you want to … there are A LOT of really good companies offering high quality products too. There’s companies with no websites, or limited payment options, and there’s companies with really professional websites and all the bells and whistles.

I think you should be realistic about what you want to sell. Definitely something you’re interested in, but keep in my mind that some things are just hard to find wholesalers/dropshippers for (like cell phones, and computers). Worldwide Brands verifies (or so they say) all companies on the listings, and I believe them. I’ve never been ripped off by Worldwide Brands or anyone in their listings. I payed for a similar list and got a pdf file of like 5-10 listings of websites I had already found on google. Worldwide Brands is NOT like that. I just spent over 3 days researching wholesalers for products I want for my site via google, bing, alibaba, and tradekey, and only got 8 verified ones. Then I remembered I had my Worldwide Brands account and decided to look there. I can’t fly around overseas or to trade shows because I’m a single mom with a young child, and also a full-time college student. You could spend hours of your time doing what I did or just purchase the list that someone else has already compiled and verified for you. It’s a little expensive, but it’s worth the money. And again, the membership is for your lifetime. That means 20-30 years from now, there list will be even bigger and even better and you’ll still have access to it if you change your mind, want to sell something different, expand, whatever.

Three Ways
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

“We actually found products we were interested in drop shipping.”

I have not been ripped off by this company. I did sign up for their one time fee in order to get “inside” and see the products. You can see them and learn more info once you sign up. My daughter and I decided we wanted to sell items on e-Bay and came upon this warehouse drop ship company. We went into the [site] and actually found products we were interested in drop shipping to sell on e-Bay.

January 11, 2008

The full report can be found here also. Have you experienced a Worldwide Brands ripoff? Share your experience with us.

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